Restroom Floors Fit For the President

A few years ago, while working on a facility in Maryland, one of our clients called us in a panic. We had been cleaning and restoring the restrooms for the National Institutes of Health when they received a call from the president.


Not the president of the company, the President of the United States.


We had completed many of the restrooms for them already, but President Obama gave them a 3-day notice that he was coming to tour their facilities and there were still a few rooms to complete. The area he was going to be in did not have our treatment.


Our client called  asking if we could complete the restrooms in the area he would use so it would be “presidential.”  We were booked out two weeks, but we rearranged the schedule and finished the floors just in time for a visit from the president. As an added bonus, all of our last minute work was completed under the watchful eye of the Secret Service.


President Obama toured the facility with finished floors completed with little time to spare. As a show of appreciation, our client at the National Institutes of Health wrote a letter about their experience working with us.


NIH After
National Institutes of Health floors after treatment

“I wanted to personally thank you for being able to accommodate the Clinical Center at such short notice in preparation for President Obama’s visit at NIH. I appreciate your being able to complete the work at the very last minute. Your team did a great job-they produced floors fit for the president.”

-Senior Administrative Officer, National Institutes of Health


At Finish Line Floors we take the same time and care for every client. Every guest in your facility will notice the same high level finish and cleanliness of your floors. Call us today at (763) 390-2970 to schedule an appointment.



Higher Quality and Lower Cost – Medical Clinic Floor Care Solution

In speaking with medical clinic managers, I continue to hear the same concern when discussing the quality of the floors in their facilities.  “My floors look great when they are waxed, but within a couple of months they look like nothings been done”.

We need a solution that provides great looking floors every day  and costs less!

For most clinics the maintenance plan for floor finishing is stripping and finishing the floors  every six months or so.  Usually, it is impractical to buff or burnish the floors because the rooms are small and there’s too much furniture to move or work around.  So when wax quickly wears out, the clinic floors look bad until the next time they are waxed.

Eight years ago we began replacing wax finishes in 7 clinics with a major healthcare  provider in the Twin Cities.  The results have been outstanding!

Beautiful floors every day for less than $0.60 per square foot annually

We are just completing the second reapplication of finish to the floors in these initial clinics.  On average, the finish has lasted 40 months between applications.  The average annual cost of finishing the floors in these clinics is $0.56 / sq ft.

How can we help you?

If you’re struggling to deliver consistently great looking floors for your patients or clients or if you’re looking for a more cost-effective way to deliver the great floors you have give us a call.  We can help!

Polyurethane Floor Finish: How is it Different than Wax Finish ?

The floors of a facility are under constant scrutiny by those who walk on them. Their shine can make a facility feel fresh, clean, and new. Unfortunately, their upkeep can be costly, time-consuming and potentially harmful for the environment too! For these reasons, choosing the type of floor finish to use in your facility is no easy task. Let’s look into just a few differences between two of the major floor finish options.

Wax Floor Finish

VCT_-_Wax.jpg   Wax is the most commonly used floor finish type for hard surface floors. Wax finish is a shiny coating that can be applied in multiple coats to any hard surface floor. Unfortunately, wax is a non-durable floor finish, which means it’s not easy to keep up with. Wax floors need to be completely stripped and refinished once per year, scrubbed and reapplied with wax once every three or four months, and buffed or burnished once every week or so. This means that many hours must be invested into your floors, should you choose a wax finish.  The costs really add up!

Environmentally speaking this type of floor finish is not exactly sustainable either. According to the Office of the Federal Environmental Executive, the average building uses more than 2,000 pounds of chemical product for finishing, stripping and cleaning every 100,000 square feet of hard-surface floors each year. Of that amount, approximately 19 percent is considered to be hazardous material that is harmful to people and the environment. In most cases, all of that product is stripped from the floors and discarded down the drain.

In the short term, a wax floor finish can be a lower cost option, because the cost to apply, and the cost of the product is fairly inexpensive, but over time, the expenses can be high due to the required maintenance and frequency of reapplication.

Polyurethane Floor FinishPolyurethane Floor Finish

                Polyurethane differs from wax finish in a number of ways. Firstly, it is far easier to maintain. A polyurethane coat can last anywhere from 18 months to as many as 5 years or more, depending on the traffic of the floor area. For this reason, the same maintenance is simply not required. Like any floors, they will still need to be swept and mopped to keep them clean, but the near constant buffing and burnishing is completely eliminated. The process (if switching from a wax floor finish) includes an initial wax stripping, and then the application of a single coat of polyurethane fllor finish.   Beyond routine cleaning,  nothing needs to be done to the floor finish for 18 monhs or more.The reapplication process includes a minor scrub of the floor, and then a coat of polyurethane applied again.

Polyurethane floor finish eliminates all the chemical waste associated with stripping floors, dramatically reduces the water needed to maintain the floor finish,  reduces VOC emissions to the air and lowers power consumption.  Oh and it also costs much less to maintain.

To learn more about the environmental benefits of polyurethane floor finish, click to visit our Sustainability page.

If you’re interested in learning more about how a polyurethane finish can help your facility, hit the blue link below!


5 Reasons Why Wax is the Wrong Floor Finish for Your Facility

One of the quickest things a customer can judge a facility on is the condition of their floors. For this reason, the quality of your floors really can make or break the feel of your facility. The most common floor finish that is used today is acrylic wax, but many people aren’t aware that a wax finish may not be the best choice for their floors.

There are other options for your floors, and after reading this, you may decide that it’s time to make some changes. Many facilities have been switching to polyurethane floor finish, which provides greater durability with less maintenance, resulting in a longer lasting, superior shine without all the labor.

Let’s dig into a few reasons why you might want to re-think the way you maintain your floors.


#1. Maintenance Cost – Save 20% or more per yearFloor Finish

            The first thing to consider when choosing your floor care methods is the cost of maintenance. Typically, wax finish on a floor will need to be completely stripped off and refinished once per year. Once the floors have been stripped and refinished, in order to keep them looking good, a facility will need to either buff or burnish the floors sometimes as often as once or twice a week. Every 3 or 4 months, the floors need to be scrubbed and top coated with more finish. As we all know,  wax floors require virtually constant maintenance in order to keep them looking good.  Although the material costs are not very high, the labor costs add up quickly.  In addition, the cost to buy, operate, and maintain floor equipment can be significant.

With a polyurethane finish, floors will become far easier to maintain, because many of these steps are eliminated. The process of maintaining a polyurethane floor consists of the initial application, which is a one-time stripping of the previous finish, and the application of the polyurethane finish. Polyurethance floor finish does not need to be buffed or burnished and it never needs to be stripped .  The finish only requires normal surface cleaning to maintain its high quality appearance  for years. In many cases the use of polyurethance floor finish can lower maintenance costs by 20% or more per year.

#2 Consistency of Appearance

The Floor Finishreason floors finished with wax require so much attention is that wax is a non-durable finish.  As a result the appearance of the finish deteriorates quickly in higher traffic situations.  It is the decline in appearance that necessitates buffing or burnishing, topcoating and stripping and refinishing.  Throughout the process the wax finish goes through peaks and valleys of appearance resulting in inconsistent quality of the floors.

Polyurethane eliminates the ups and downs of quality and delivers and long lasting, consistent, high quality appearance every day.

#3. Sustainability – Eliminate waste, reduce water, reduce VOCs, save energy

            Another reason to be considering your choice of finish is sustainability. With all of the work that is required to maintain wax finish, the usage of energy, water, and lots of chemicals really begins to add up.

According to the Office of the Federal Environmental Executive, the average building uses more than 2,000 pounds of chemical product for finishing, stripping and cleaning every 100,000 square feet of hard-surface floors each year. Of that amount, approximately 19 percent is considered to be hazardous material that is harmful to people and the environment. In most cases, all of that product is stripped from the floors and discarded down the drain.

Also, wax floors must be stripped and refinished once per year, and the stripping process requires about 20 gallons of water per 1,000 square feet of floor finish. With a polyurethane coating, this number is reduced to about one gallon per year, because they only need to be touched up once every couple of  years. Switching to a polyurethane finish means a 95% reduction in water usage from floor finishing.


#4. Facility Disruptions

            The next thing to consider is the amount of facility disruptions that are accompanied by the maintenance of a wax finish. Because wax finished floors need to be either buffed or burnished once per week (or more), your facility is almost constantly being disrupted by the maintenance crew trying to keep up with the low durability of the floors. On top of that, larger disruptions occur once every couple months when the floor must be scrubbed down, and more wax is applied, and once per year when the floor must be completely stripped to reapply the entire wax coating. These disruptions can be a huge pain in the neck, because they usually mean that certain areas of your facility must be blocked off for many hours at a time.  With polyurethane finish, there will be only one disruption per floor area every couple of years. Facilities with polyurethane floor finishes, for the most part, only have to worry about surface cleaning like sweeping and mopping. This fact alone can save you many headaches over the course of a year.

#5. Preserving the Life of Your FloorsFloor Finish

            Lastly, switching to a polyurethane finish has the potential to greatly extend the life of your floors. The processes that are required to maintain wax can actually be damaging to the floor itself. With all of those chemcicals, and large machines involved to buff, burnish, scrub, and strip. The surface of the floor can begin to wear away, and, over time, you may find that you’re looking to have your entire floors replaced, which not only costs money, but it also produces waste, requires energy, and is a massive disruption to a facility. Applying a polyurethane finish to your floors can ultimately extend their life, because it serves as a durable coating over the surface of the floor, and it never needs to be stripped or removed.

Performance Finish from Finish Line Floors his a highly durable, long lasting polyurethane finish that has the potential to save your facility huge amounts of time, money, water, and reduce its production of chemical waste from floor stripping by 100%.


3 Signs that your Bathroom Floors Require Grout Restoration

Bathroom floors have the potential to really impress customers and visitors, but if they aren’t in top condition, they can really change a person’s impression of your facility. Here are just a few signs that mean your bathrooms need their grout to be restored.

#1 Hollow Grout Lines

Over time, grout lines in bathrooms can wear away, and eventually, you may find cracks and spaces between your tiles, where the grout used to be. When you see this, it is definitely time to have the grout restored, because, otherwise, dirt and waste will find its way into the floors, which will ultimately lead to nasty stains and smells, and poor bathroom conditions.

#2 Permanent Stains

          Grout Restoration      Bathroom floors are commonly subject to dirt and waste, and when these products are spilt onto the floor, they usually make their way down into the grout lines. Even if the floors are cleaned frequently, eventually the dirt will begin to stain the grout, which leads to discoloring. When this occurs, grout restoration is a must. If your facility’s bathroom floors have this kind of staining issues, it’s probably time to have the grout lines repaired.

#3 Permanent Smells

                Grout lines in need of restoration often can be indicated by the presence of unpleasant smells from the floors of your bathroom. When your tile and grout areas become dirty, over time the grout soaks up the grime from the floors, which leads to smells that cannot be removed through surface cleaning alone. This is one of the biggest signs that you need to have your bathroom floors restored.

Great looking bathroom floors have a huge impact on a customer’s opinion of your facility, which is why your bathroom tiles should be looking as perfect as possible. Hopefully now you should be equipped to decide if your bathroom floors require grout restoration, and if so, hit the blue link below, and we will give you a free consultation.


How to Restore (or finish) Maintenance Free Flooring

For many years now flooring manufacturers have done a great job of developing flooring that provides a durable, low maintenance surface that looks great without the use of a high maintenance conventional acrylic wax finish.  Luxury vinyl tile (LVT) and luxury sheet vinyl categories have emerged.


Terms like ‘No Finish Floor’, ‘No Wax Floor’ and “Maintenance Free Floor” have become associated with these types of floors.  While common sense may have told us that no commercial floor can really be maintenance free unless it is also traffic free, after a few years in service we know what to expect.  These floor types provide an excellent low maintenance appearance that can last for years with proper care and cleaning.  But as we all know, nothing lasts forever.


So what do you do when your low maintenance flooring begins to show wear?

Here’s a photo of a ‘maintenance free’ floor in a medical clinic.  Clearly there is little or no shine and if you look closely you can see wear lines in the surface of the flooring.CDI_Floors__-_no_finish

An obvious option is to return to the process of applying conventional acrylic wax finishes.  But the high frequency and cost of ongoing maintenance is what you were trying to avoid in the first place.  And who wants to return to the ups and downs in the quality appearance of the floors that we get in between cycles of maintenance?

This photo is the same floor after finishing with a polyurethane floor finish.  In fact this photo was taken 28 months after the floor finish was applied.  Only routine cleaning has been done in this floor for the past 2 years and still the floor has a nice shine.  Great quality appearance without no maintenance so far.



Water based polyurethane floor finish designed for use on resilient floors provides a much better option.  A single coat of polyurethane floor finish can restore the original beautiful appearance and provide several more years of shine and protection without stripping, buffing or burnishing.

Sustainability Solutions: Energy Conservation

One of the most vital solutions of sustainability is energy conservation. If your company is undergoing a push to become more sustainable, here are just a few solutions that can help cut back on your facility’s energy consumption.

#1. LightinSustainability Solutionsg

One of the easiest (and most effective) sustainability solutions for your workplace is to cut back on the facility’s energy consumed by lighting. There are many ways to cut back on your light energy, and most of them are fairly simple. If you want to avoid spending money to save energy, you can put up signs, or host a company meeting to instruct employees to turn off all light switches when light is not required. For example, if you’re the last person to leave a room in the office, turn the lights off! Another great way to cut back your light usages is to encourage workers to leave the blinds up and work in sunlight. Not only does this method provide a sustainable solution for your office’s energy consumption, but it also provides a comfortable, naturally lit workspace for you employees.

If your company is willing to spend some money on the effort, one way to quickly solve this issue is to install motion sensitive light switches all throughout the office. This way, even if employees forget to flip the switch off when they leave, the lights won’t stay on too long. Also, companies who want a solution to their sustainability efforts can install Compact Fluorescent Lamps and Light Emitting Diodes (CFLs and LEDs)  to replace their normal lights in the office. CFLs and LEDs consume far less energy, and they last far longer than conventional light bulbs.

#2. CliSustainability Solutionsmate Control

Another massive energy user is your office’s climate control system. If you’re looking for a great solution to save energy around the office, this avenue is another great place to start. The first thing to look for is any ways that the climate controlled air in your office can escape. If your AC or heat is leaking out of the building or workspace, your climate control system will have to work around the clock to maintain your desired temperature, which can, in turn, cost you loads of energy. Installing weather stripping around your doors and windows is a great way to keep a seal inside the office, and save you energy. This weather stripping can be bought for relatively low prices at your local home improvement store, they are fairly simple to install, and they will save you huge amounts of energy. Also make sure that if the AC is on, the windows and doors stay shut. One open window can drastically change the amount of energy it will take to cool your office for the day.

Another way to save energy with your climate control system is to keep an eye out for times when you don’t really need it. If your office building has access to large amounts of sunlight, you may not need to run the heater as often as you think in the colder months. Just leave the blinds drawn, and allow the sunlight to keep the facility warm. If it is a cooler or windier day in the summer, it might not be a bad idea to open some windows, and shut of the AC for the day.

One more thing to look out for is what office areas you are choosing to heat or cool. If your facility space includes a larger workshop or garage, it’s probably best to shut of the AC in that area, and install weather stripping on doors that lead there.

Lastly, one final way to keep the place cool without costing yourself loads of energy, is to buy cheap office fans. With the windows down and the usage of a few office fans to keep the air flowing, running the AC probably isn’t necessary to stay cool. These simple sustainable solutions can make a huge difference in your company’s energy consumption.

#3. Equipment

Finally, anSustainability Solutionsother extremely effective solution to your companies energy concerns is found the equipment used around the office. This includes printers, computers, scanners, internet and many more office machines. Newer devices are specifically designed nowadays to conserve the amount of energy that they use, so one way you can cut back, is to keep your hardware updated. If your office is full of older tools and electronics, it’s probably not a bad idea to investigate making some upgrades, because it will likely save you energy. Many devices include “energy saver” modes that limit the amount of energy that they consume around the clock. This is definitely something to look into when considering your sustainability targets and solutions.

Another way to limit the energy consumed in the office is to ensure that employees put their computers to sleep when they aren’t being used. Most computers can be set to sleep after a certain amount of time, so ensure that all office PCs are set to sleep after a reasonable amount of time idle. Also, you can instruct employees to turn off their monitors when they are doing work that is off the computer. It may not seem like much, but if all of your employees are making sure to keep their screens off when they don’t need them, it will make a massive difference.


Conserving energy around the office is a great solution to becoming sustainable, and hopefully now you’ve got a couple ideas that you can take back to your workplace and use to make a difference.




Sustainability Solutions: Water Conservation

Present-day America is undergoing a massive push to restore environmental stability; this is nothing new. In fact, if you’ve found your way here, you’re likely a member of the ongoing effort to reduce waste and promote sustainability. The EPA defines sustainability as actions that  “create and maintain the conditions under which humans and nature can exist in productive harmony, that permit fulfilling the social, economic and other requirements of present and future generations.” In other words, sustainability means we are working to sustain ourselves by efficiently managing certain resources to ensure their longevity. Currently, companies across the globe are pushing to achieve and surpass sustainability targets, and it is becoming a fairly mutual goal across almost every company in America.


So what are some solutions to become sustainable in your workplace?

Water is a key asset to society. We need it, and therefore, one of the biggest motivators behind this huge sustainability drive is the consumption of water.

Many of us tend to forget how much water we really are using, and cutting back on our consumption is not only easy, but it can make a huge difference. Water use accounts for around 13 percent of the United State’s total energy consumption, and it also accounts for massive amounts of CO2 emissions. For this reason, companies are turning to sustainable water use methods to save energy, and the environment.

One easy (and efficient) way to cut back on water use in your company is to install low flow water fixtures in your company’s faucets. These special faucet heads are designed to provide a maximized spread of water for use, while limiting the volume of water that comes from the tap. This, in turn, saves water, and the user likely wouldn’t notice a difference in their hand-washing experience. These low flow devices can be installed in bathroom faucets, showers, and even toilets! A manufacturer of water fixtures called WaterSense claims that just one of their fixtures can save up to 700 gallons of water per year!

Some other ways to save water at the office include reducing the water pressure in the building, and installing faucets with motion sensors. It’s fairly obvious how water pressure reduction can save you water, as less water pressure would lead to less water coming from the pipes, and therefore less water down the drain, and the motion sensor faucets can cut back on water, by shutting themselves off while the user is washing his/her hands.


It is also advised to educate employees. Company meetings can be held in order to convey your water consumption standards to employees, and direct them to think of sustainability when they use water. If your facility doesn’t have these, employees can help conserve water by turning the faucet off while they scrub their hands. Simple guidelines around the office or facility can go a long way to stop any over-use of water.

Finally, Finish Line Floors can reduce a facility’s water consumption for floor finishing by 95%. Conventional floor finishing methods require around 20 gallons of water (per 1000 square feet) to strip wax from the floor. With the application of Finish Line Floors’ product: Performance Finish, (a long lasting, polyurethane coating), floors will never need to be stripped again. Performance Finish provides years of high quality shine with only routine cleaning to maintain.  When the finish does need restoration, it simply requires a damp surface treatment and then reapplication.  Water use for reapplication is about 2 gallons per 1000 square feet.  Based on a two year service life that’s 1 gallon of water per 1000 square feet annually. For a 100,000 square foot facility, that’s a savings of 1,900 gallons of water per year!

In addition to reducing water consumption, using Performance Finish lowers annual maintenance costs by about 20% compared to conventional wax finish.

With the nation’s big push for sustainability, we need to keep our eyes open for reasonable solutions. Saving water means not only saving money, but also saving energy, and water is a resource that we can’t afford to run out of. Hopefully a few of these tips are able to help you and your facility reaches your sustainability goals.

8 Things you Can Do to Get Better Restrooms

What room tops the list for most complaints coming into the facilities department?  Restrooms.

When I go to East Africa and need to use a restroom, the nationals direct me to the restroom that they prefer me to use.  No matter what culture we are in, facilities people are concerned about the restrooms and their impact on users.  So what can be done?  Here are eight things you can do or install that will make a significant impact.


Solicit Help

Post signs in your restroom with something like, “If you find an issue that needs management attention, please text [a code that specifies that specific room] to [a number your management staff will monitor].” This will give you faster notice of a problem and does not give room for the complainer to ramble on and on about their issues. Just make sure you have a system in place to immediately respond.


Solicit Better Design

When your building is going to receive a renovation, talk to engineers and architects about designing a room that is easier to clean.  The floors are where bacteria grow, causing off gassing which then causes foul odors.  By taking actions to make the room easier to clean you reduce mold and food sources for bacteria.

For example, one idea is to change the wall dividers.  Instead of installing them to the floor, have your engineering department engage a contractor to hang them from the ceiling.  That will allow housekeeping to quickly and easily clean every inch of the floor and not miss spots around the divider frames.  You can also move other items off the floor including wall hung toilets and trash dispensers.


Use a Spray and Vac Cleaning System  Like the OmniFlex systems from Kaivac

You can clean the rooms without touching them.  Use what ISSA (the worldwide cleaning industry association) calls “spray-and-vac” systems.  Not “spray-and-squeegee” systems which do not get into the grout where the real problems lie.   One of the leading brands is Kaivac.

Kaivac’s No-Touch Cleaning® systems are designed to thoroughly remove potentially harmful soils, bacteria and other bio-pollutants in order to produce and maintain a truly healthy indoor environment. In fact, No-Touch Cleaning is 60 times more effective in reducing bacterial contamination than conventional methods – even without chemicals. They combine an indoor pressure washer, powerful wet vacuum, and when needed, automatic chemical metering and injection into an integrated system. No-Touch Cleaning systems empower workers to deep clean and sanitize without ever having to touch soiled, contaminated surfaces. You can see a 5 minute video at to learn more about the concerns and benefits of leaving conventional string or microfiber mops in the restrooms.


Install an Ultra Durable Coating on the Floor like Pit Stop from Finish Line Floors

You can put an ultra durable coating on the floor that will provide a barrier to urine entering the grout in the first place.  Finish Line Floors ( installs a finish called Pit Stop that

  • lasts much longer than competitors,
  • is fully removable,
  • is water based,
  • has no VOC’s,
  • has higher shine (or satin if preferred) and
  • has incredibly high traction.


Their system completely removes stains and smells from restrooms and provides like-new floor appearance at a fraction of the cost of completely re-tiling.  You don’t have to change cleaning processes or chemicals nor pay for a contract or maintenance plan.

No one wants a slip and fall incident in their restroom.  Pit Stop dramatically increases the traction over naked tile and can be placed in wet areas like showers without an additive that feels like sand.  Additionally, the additive will not rip up microfiber mops.

You can see a 90 second video at:


Create a Touch-Free Environment

Can you make an environment where the adherents do not touch any part of your restroom?  Yes.

In many men’s restrooms, I notice urinals go unflushed because they do not want to touch the plunger.  However, that leaves standing urine with causes smells and foul experience for the next attendee. Waterless urinals reduce the need to either manually flush or hope that the auto flusher works.

You can have touchless faucets and soap dispensers.  In theory they work well.  But how many times have you put your hand under a faucet and can’t activate the on function to get water?  Due diligence in selecting a vendor that will supply a reliable dispenser and faucet is required but the work is worth the impact you receive.

Hands free dryers are gaining attention and momentum as an avenue to reduce paper waste and keep surfaces clean.  They help the environment but often at the cost of adherents hearing.  Many have an ultra-loud high pitched piercing sound when drying hands.  Look for a product that can supply air dry at a low decibel.


Install Self-Cleaning Materials Where Clients Must Touch

If you have to have areas that people touch there is a new technology available that is a self-cleaning adhesive which fights germs. NanoSeptic ( has a variety of products for hospitality, janitorial, education, and even healthcare.  Their nanotechnogy increases your sustainability efforts because you can reduce the amount of harsh cleaning chemicals you are currently using. The surface is safe to the human touch yet tougher than bleach.  Since their products can be branded with your company information people will see your commitment to their wellbeing at every touch point.

From counter mats to simple peel-and-stick NanoSeptic skins for door handles, push pads and push bars, you can efficiently and cost effectively provide continuously self-cleaning surfaces exactly where they do the most good.


Change Your Trashcans

I don’t mean empty them on a regular basis. You are already doing that.  I mean change the can itself.

  • Many trash cans have too small of an opening for customers to easily dispose of their wasted paper towels. When people leave the room they often want to use a towelette to function as a barrier between the door and their hands.  When they open the door, they want both a receptacle that is nearby and one that has a large and easy-to-open mouth to throw the tissue away.  Otherwise, there is a pile of dirty tissues on the floor near the door way that is an eye sore and slip and fall hazard.
  • Look at the size of containers compared to the amount of traffic per cleaning cycle. Too small of containers for the demand will result in one of two things: towelettes all over the floor or increased labor costs as you increase the service schedule.


Install Hands Free Door Opening Equipment

There is a growing frustration with restroom users since the recent trend of touchless hand dryers-no tissues to protect their hands while opening the door.  According to a study reported by ABC news:   over 60% of men and over 40% of women do not wash their hands when they finish their work in a restroom.  That makes door handles gross.

So if the door has to be pulled from the inside in order to open install either arm or foot hardware or the self-cleaning fabrics mentioned above.  These inexpensive solutions put the minds of the germ conscious customers at ease.


These solutions will make a dramatic impact to both your cleaning staff, tenant, and executive team.  If you implement these ideas, you phone will stop ringing with complaints and start ringing with compliments.